The towering Witch is an animated halloween prop made from
2015-present. It is a giant witch in a black and green robe. A second version exists that wears a traditional pointy witch hat. When activated, the witch turns side to side while her eyes light up and mouth moves while speaking a phrase.

Phrases Edit

  • Who be this tender morsel, disturbin' my slumber? Oh, why it's just a lost juicy lamb, ready for slaughter!
  • Ehh heh heh heh heh! You best be ca'ful round d'ese parts - d'ey be lotsa critta's want'n'ta git d'ere teeths inta sum'n as tasty as you.
  • Come on over here my l'il nibblet, an I'll take reeal good care of ya! I'll be sure you won' have nuthin t'worry 'bout ever agin! Ehh heh heh heh hehh!

Where it Was SoldEdit

This item was sold at spirit halloween and halloween Express from 2015-present. The hat wearing version was sold at Halloween Express and
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Hat Wearing Version

Original version

Original version

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