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Welcome to the Seasonal Visions Wiki[edit | edit source]

Welcome to the Seasonal Visions Wiki, a fanmade Wiki about Seasonal Visions International!

Seasonal Visions is a seasonal decorating company that manufactures Animated Halloween Decorations Costumes, Masks and more.

(Disclaimer) Please remember that this is only a fan site, and we are not in any way affiliated with Seasonal Visions. WE DO NOT SELL SVI PRODUCTS OR PARTS.

Learn all about Seasonal Visions, and all of its products here at Seasonal Visions Wiki!

Also, be sure to check out the Spirit Halloween Wiki, all about the World's #1 Halloween superstore that Distributes many Seasonal Visions products each season! Click the link right here and dont miss out: Its so much fun, Its Scary!: [1]

Just a Hint of what SVI has in store...

Seasonal Visions International[edit | edit source]

Seasonal Visions International, sometimes shortened to simply 'SVI' or 'SVI International' is a company based in California that creates seasonal holiday decorations, with its main focus on Halloween products such as animated tabletop pieces, yard decor, and most popularly, their Life-sized props and animatronics, which are distributed by such halloween costume and decor companies as Spirit Halloween, Halloween Express, Morris Costumes and more. Check out our site which documents the amazing animatronics, props and other decorations that SVI has made, and continues to make with new and even more stunning designs each new year.

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