Root of Evil is an animated Halloween prop made in 2019. It is a towering monster appearing to be made completely out of vines, with a pumpkin head and smaller pumpkins on its chest, and long mossy green gauze hanging off his body and arms. When activated, the creature's torso and head sway side to side as it's head glows green and it speaks a terrifying phrase.

Root of Evil

Where it Was SoldEdit

This item is available for pre-order on ebay and sold at Spirit for the 2020 Halloween season.

Trivia Edit

  • The inspiration for this prop could be from the giant pumpkin creature props made by Scare Factory in 2018, as it bares a striking resemblance to them.
  • This prop is voiced by Mike Reynolds.
MR124623 Root Of Evil Animated Prop

MR124623 Root Of Evil Animated Prop

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