Psycho Circus, Psycho Circus Cagey or Rotten Ringmaster, is a new for 2019 halloween prop set for release later in the year. It is a giant zombie-like circus ringmaster holding a cage with a smaller clown named Nibbles trapped inside. When activated, the ringmaster's eyes light up as his head and body turn side to side and his mouth moves to spooky sayings, and the caged clown moves back and forth in the cage as it insanely giggles.

Psycho Circus

Where it Was SoldEdit

Psycho Circus's store is unknown

Rotten Ringmaster was sold at Spirit Halloween


Note: Nibbles the Clown laughs in the background for the remainder of all the following phrases

  •  "Come one, come all to the grisliest show on earth! Slaughter, mayhem, CLOWNS! Fun for the whole family! Hahahahaha!"
  •  "Step right up and see the amazing, Nibbles the Clown! Yes, come closer, be sure to put your hands as close to the bars as possible, he loves it when he has some FINGER FOODS before dinner! Hahahahahahahaha!"
  •  (Ringmaster and Nibbles laughing maniacally together)
  • My little friend here may be small in stature, but he has quite an impressive bite! Ye-he-ess, please keep screaming, it just riles him up! Just wait until I let him out! Then the fun will really begin! Hahahahaha!
  • I raised Nibbles the Clown from a small bub. Now look at him! Such power! Such a bite! Think what we could do if we put YOU in a cage! Hahaha!
  • Aah, the relaxing life under the big top. You'll never be the same after joining the carney... Of course, your cage won't e as big as this one... Haahahahaha!


  • This was the first ever Towering Cage-Holding animatronic released to the public. The second was Cagey.
  • The ringmaster's actual name is 'Rotten Ringmaster' as evident by its child-holding counterpart, while the small clown's name is Nibbles.
  • Nibbles in his cage is also a completely separate animated prop that is also available for pre-order on ebay.
  • Another version of psycho circus was revealed in March 2019 in which the ringmaster is wielding a caged girl instead of Nibbles the clown. It is called 'Rotten Ringmaster'.
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