The Looming Strawman is an animated halloween prop made in
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2018. it is a scarecrow with a brown coat, blue pants and a pointy green hat. When activated, the scarecrows eyes light up and his mouth moves as he speaks a scary phrase, and soon after lunges at his victim.


  • Lunges forward, moving both arms in a grabbing motion
  • Eyes light up red
  • Mouth moves
  • Speaks a scary phrase


  • "I hear these parts are haunted. That doesn't scare you? Worried that someone's gonna grab you? HAHAHA! Lucky for you, I'm the only thing haunted around here... You best be going now."
  • "You think you can sneak through my neck of the woods without dealing with me? GOTCHA! Hahaha! You run fast when you have to! GOOD ON YOU! WOOHOOHOO!"
  • "Things are getting very quiet around here... that's always the time when SOMETHING JUMPS OUT AT YA! Woohoo, I almost had one that time! You better watch out, I'm getting faster!"
  • "With just one touch, I've turned my harvest into a rotten heap. Perhaps I could make the same of you! Ah, looks like you'll stay fresh for a little bit longer. Enjoy the night! HAHAHA!"

Where it was sold Edit

This item was sold exclusively at Spirit Halloween in 2018.

Trivia Edit

  • This prop is one of the only scarecrow props, alongside Barnyard Butcher to have a Southern accent, which is very fitting for a scarecrow.
  • This prop is voiced by Mike Reynolds.
Looming Strawman - Spirit Halloween

Looming Strawman - Spirit Halloween

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