Abandoned AnnieAnimated Reaper (2018)Animated Reaper (2020)
Animated ZombieArctic DragonBig Head Reaper
Big Top ClownBite Sized ClownBlood Brothers
Bloodbeard the Cursed PirateBone WitchBoo-friend Chattering Skull
Book WitchBrimstone DragonButler Greeter
Butler of Macabre ManorCaged ClownCaged Girl
Caged GremlinCagey Clown DollCagey the Clown
Candy CreepCatacomb CreatureCauldron Cat Tastrophe
Cauldron CreeperChattering Fortune Teller SkullChattering Mummy Skull
Chattering Pirate SkullChattering SkullChattering Superhero Skull
Chattering Zombie SkullChatters Clown DollClown Ferris Wheel
Clown Go RoundClown Toe TapperClowning Around
Corn StalkerCrawling CathyCrimson Dragon
Crouching ClownCuddles the ClownDark Night Dragon
DeadwoodDecrepit ReaperDropping Spider
Dug Up CoffinEmperor of SoulsFeed the Clown Game
Feed the Skull GameFire DemonFlesh Eating Zombie
Flesh Eating Zombie (2020)Flying Witch (2019 Version)Forest Witch
Fortune Teller WItchFree Hugz Clown DollFunny Bones Chattering Skull
Gertie Cauldron WitchGhostly BrideGhostly Go Round
Ghostly TricycleGiant Lighted PumpkinGiant Lighted Skull
Giggles the ClownGood Times Clown DollGrave Grabber Corpse
Grave Grabber DollGravediggerGraveyard Dolly
Graveyard ReaperGrim Ghoul TombstoneGrinning Gertrude
Gypsy Fortune TellerHanging Banner ClownHaunted Grandfather Clock
Haunted Wind Up DollHaunting Ghost TrioHead Turning Cat
Head Turning RavenHeadless HorsemanHonky the Clown
Hooded GhostHowling WerewolfHugz the Clown
Jack in the BoxJanglin' Bones TrioJumping Clown
Jumping JennyLanky WerewolfLifesize Witch
Lighted Porch TreeLighted Santa HeadLighted Snowman Head
Limb RipperLooming ClownLooming Ghoul
Looming PhantomLooming StrawmanLost Souls
Lunging Demon DogLunging Haggard WitchLunging Reaper
Lunging Undead BrideLunging Vampire Grave BusterLurching Werewolf
Lurching ZombieMotorcycle ReaperMr. Happy the Clown
Mr. SaltyMr. TootsMummy Fogger
Nightmare ReaperOld Time ClownPeek-a-Boo Clown
Peeking GhoulPestilence Smoldering ReaperPsycho Circus
Pumpkin HarvesterPumpkin KingPumpkin Patch Prowler
Reanimated Corpse/Lab MonsterReaper's RideReaper Summoner of Souls
Ring Around the RosieRising BoogeymanRising Creepy Doll
Rising Crypt GhoulRising Reaper of DeathRising Swamp Hag
Roaming Creepy BearRocking Chair SantaRocking Ducky Doll
Rocking Elephant ClownRocking Horse DollyRoot of Evil
Rotten Ringmaster with ChildScorched ScarecrowSeasonal Visions International
Seasonal Visions WikiSickening ReaperSkeleton Cat
Skeleton Chips n' Dip HolderSkeleton DJSkeleton Fortune Teller
Skeleton Ring Toss GameSlim Soul StealerSmall lighted Pumpkins
Spell Speaking WitchSpinning Head Harlequin DollStew Brewing Witch
Stone VultureStumpy the ClownSweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams Clown DollSwinging ChucklesSwinging Head First
Teeter of TerrorThe GatekeeperThe Gatekeeper (2020)
Towering BoogeymanTowering ClownTowering Howling Werewolf
Towering Jack O ManTowering Macabre Witch (2015)Towering Macabre Witch (2019)
Towering Party ReaperTowering Pumpkin Head ScarecrowTowering Vampire
Towering Wailing SoulTowering WerewolfTowering Witch
Tug of War ClownsTwitching BansheeTwitching Clown
Twitching CorpseTwitching GhoulUltimate Animated Monster
Uncle CharlieUncle Charlie (2020)Underworld Clown
Untimely DeathVampire Host With BatWacky Mole Clown
Wailing PhantomWaving WallyWilma Witch
Winged DemonWinter DragonWinter Forest Dragon
Witch CovenZombie BrideZombie Clown
Zombie Horde
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