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the Hooded Phantom is a Halloween animatronic set for release in 2021. The figure resembles a shadowy creature entirely cloaked in dark robes; no face or other details are visible whatsoever. When activated, the phantom turns side to side as its arms raise up and down; while this happens, a green glow emits from the figure's hood and hands as it speaks menacing phrases.


"At last, You are here. Come closer. I will escort you into the Shadows of the Night."

"Your time on this Earth has come to an end. I have come for Your Soul. Wether You'll sing with a Choir, invisible, or wail with the Demons of the Underworld, I care not. Your Soul is Mine."

"Come this way. Don't resist. Submit Yourself into My Embrace of Death. At least, then, Your suffering will not be as great."

Where it Was Sold[edit | edit source]

this animatronic has not yet been released.

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