The Funny Bones Chattering Skull is an animated Halloween item made in 2017, and a part of the Chattering Skulls series. It is modeled after a comedian. It is a skull with yellow eyes, Brown hair and a orange bowtie with purple spots. When activated, the skull's eyes light up as its mouth moves up and down while speaking funny phrases.
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"Did you hear the one about the tense mummy? He was all wrapped up! (crickets)"

"Ooh, tough crowd. Don't leave me hanging! (Crickets) thank you, thank you."

"Guess who I saw today? Everyone I looked at, of course! (Booing)"

"How'd the hipster burn his tongue? Well, he drank his coffee before it was cool! (Booing)"

"How do you catch a skeleton? With a rib cage! (Booing)"

"I may only have a head, but I still have a funny bone! (Booing) Thanks! I'm here all night."

Chattering Skulls-Funny Bones

Chattering Skulls-Funny Bones

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