Cuddles the Clown is a halloween animatronic made in 2020. It is a towering clown with a massive head, nearly identical
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to that of the Underworld Clown, and a thin body with a black, white and yellow color scheme. In his claws, he holds several small clown heads. When activated, the clown turns side to side, its mouth moves and arms move up and down while speaking. The eyes also light up.

Where it Was SoldEdit

This prop was sold online by spirit halloween in 2020.


  • The prop shares the same head as the Underworld Clown and the same body type and animation as the Catacomb Creature
  • The only difference in the head of this prop and the Underworld Clown's is the addition of green hair, the hat, and the red mouth.
Cuddles The Clown - Spirit Halloween

Cuddles The Clown - Spirit Halloween

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