The Chattering Skull is an animated halloween decoration made
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in 2016. It is a plain talking skull with green eyes. When activated, the skull's eyes light up and his mouth chatters as he speaks a funny phrase.

Where it Was Sold Edit

This item was sold at Menards in 2016.


"Hey, Sorry I couldn't make it to the party. I had No Body to come with! Hahahahaha!"

"Oh ho, that costume is hilarious! Ha ha! You really tickled my funny bone!"

"Come here, Have some candy. I just don't have the stomach for it."

"Hey! You there! I've got a bone to pick with you!"

"Oh, i don't need a spine. It was just holding me back."


  • In his second phrase, the skull says that his viewers' costume tickled his funny bone. Ironically, the next year in 2017, a chattering skull was produced that was called 'Funny Bones', as it was based on a comedian.
Seasonal Visions Chattering Skull demo

Seasonal Visions Chattering Skull demo

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