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the Cellar Dweller is a Halloween animatronic set for release in 2021. The figure resembles a towering skeletal zombie-like creature with long white hair, covered in moss; when activated, the creature's mouth and head move, arms move up and down and eyes glow green as it speaks several phrases.


"This dank old House is oozing with the Fowl Stench of Rotted Souls. It's kept Me thriving; as long as I hide down here with the Rats. I'm happy to share with you — IF YOU HAVE THE STOMACH FOR IT! HAHAHA!"

"Groans I ooze with the Spirit of Halloween — 'Drip, Drip, Drip' It goes. Long, Drawn Out Groan"

"This Place drips with Doomed Spirits released from their Burial Graves; They are searching for Fresh Victims to haunt. There is no way of hiding from Them – BUT GO AHEAD AND TRY! HAHAHA!"

"The syrupy sick Damp of the Cellar has made Me a moldy mess. But no matter, I've grown fond of the Wet Stench; And want to share It with YOU! Drawn Out Growl"

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this animatronic has not yet been released.

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